Latest Works

  • Pumpkin Mickey by Brian Bueza
    3DCGPumpkin Mickey
  • Mega Murder Wasp
    3DCGMega Murder Wasp
  • Old School rollerskate modeled in Maya, rendered with MentalRay
    3DCGOld School Skate
  • My Take on H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu
    3DCGMy Take on Cthulhu
  • Aston: Sheraton large floor plan
    3DCGAston | Large Floor Plan
  • Speed Demon speed sculpt
    3DCGSpeed Demon
  • Demo Reel All
    3D Computer GraphicsDemo Reel
  • Texturing Demo Reel
    3D Computer GraphicsDemo Reel: Surfacing, Texturing
  • Animation Demo Reel
    3D Computer GraphicsDemo Reel: Animation
  • Aston Sheraton single room suite.
    3D Computer GraphicsAston Hotels | Single Room Suite Plan A
  • Fish 'n Chips internal set texturing.
    3DCGFish ‘n Chips | Set Texturing
  • Fish 'n Chips building and restaurant.
    3DCGFish ‘n Chips | Scene & Set Texturing
  • Aston Sheraton single room suite.
    3DCGAston | Single Room Suite
  • Ground plane modeling and matching.
    3DCGGround Plane Work For Compositing
  • Fish 'n Chips Nursing Home Set, Texturing.
    3DCGFish ‘n Chips | Nursing Home Set
  • Mayan - Themed Game Room. Painted in Photoshop.
    3DCGGame Room
  • Fish 'n Chips | Secret House Set, Texturing.
    3DCGFish ‘n Chips | Secret House Set, Texturing
  • Character and Rig.
    3DCGCharacter & Rig
  • Amber texturing and lighting with Bakery ReLight
    3DCGAmber Texturing & Lighting
  • Hearing Aid and disposable speaker cup dispenser.
    3DCGHearing Aid and Accessories